Leslie's Un-Geek Windows XP Newsletter Volume #6 ~ June 16, 2010

Date: June 16th 2010

Greetings, Dear Readers!

As usual, I got some really good questions from you this month. I also received a request for a gadget review. Let's dig in.



Click on your "Start" button to open your start menu, then click on "Control Panel".

Now click on "Add or Remove Programs".

You get this:

It might take a minute for this list of programs to load completely, especially if you have a lot of programs installed. Be patient. Now scroll to the program you want to uninstall and click on it ONCE (not a double click).

Here I've clicked on a program called "Billeo". As you can see it has expanded, become highlighted, and a "Remove" button appears on the bottom right. Click on the "Remove" button and you'll probably be asked for a confirmation.

Here you have the opportunity to change your mind. Nice! Anyway if you are sure, click the "Yes" or "Uninstall" button and then various dialog boxes will appear with instructions and buttons that will talk you through the uninstall process. Different programs may have different dialog boxes, so depending on which program you are uninstalling, your process may or may not look just like uninstalling Billeo. Let's go ahead and complete the uninstall so you can at least see an example of what you may experience.

I'll click on "Uninstall" and in this case the process completes very quickly, resulting in this:

Here I have the choice to see the "details" and I don't really care to, so I'll just click "Continue".

In this case a webpage immediately opens up asking me if I want to cancel my Billeo account. This type of thing will happen with some programs and not with others. Some programs open a webpage asking you why you unistalled their program. You can choose whether or not to answer. If you do it may help the developer of the program make changes to the program to improve its usability. If you don't want to, that's perfectly fine and you can just close the browser. You may get a message stating you need to restart your computer to complete the uninstall. This is fairly common. If this happens, do restart your computer.

If this or any other instructions you receive in any of my newsletters is in any way unclear, confusing, or otherwise not consistant with your experience or needs PLEASE do let me know! Click here to email me. 


Ever click a link to a website expecting something specific to happen when you get there but nothing does? Look for this little bar at the top of the page:

This is Windows protecting you from websites that might download and install software onto your computer without your permission or knowledge. If you did, however navigate to the website intentionally and for a purpose, chances are you'll need to click the bar and then click "ok" or "allow" or "install" in order to be able to accomplish what you went there to accomplish.

Once you click on this option either the website will proceed to do whatever it is you need it to do, or you will be presented with other little dialog boxes with choices for you to make in order for you to enable the website to do what you are there for.

If you see a box like this on a website you are unfamiliar with or aren't sure whether or not to install, feel free to click on one of the other options to find out what is trying to install itself on your computer. Maybe you don't want it, maybe you do.

If this or any other instructions you receive in any of my newsletters is in any way unclear, confusing, or otherwise not consistant with your experience or needs PLEASE do let me know! Click here to email me. 


Is your "My Documents" folder full of all sorts of junk you'd like to organize into specific, seperate folders? It's easy to create new folders and name them whatever you want.

Open your My Documents folder.

Click your RIGHT mouse button inside the white space and you'll get a little drop-down menu.

When you hover over "New" another menu opens up where you can then left click on "Folder".

Your new folder appears with the name "New Folder", which is highlighted. Now type the name you want for the folder and your typing will replace the highlighted name, "New Folder". I'll type "Junk".

Notice the name is inside a little box wtih the cursor still flashing at the end of it. Just hit "Enter" on your keyboard and the name is set.

Now you can open it by double clicking and put anything you want in there.

If this or any other instructions you receive in any of my newsletters is in any way unclear, confusing, or otherwise not consistant with your experience or needs PLEASE do let me know! Click here to email me.


If you click on a link in a webpage expecting to download &/or install something specific but get a page full of ads and can't find your download, you might have another bar at the top of the page again, that you'll need to click on to activate your download.

Click on the bar and you should get a box asking you whether to run, save, or cancel. You decide.

The simplest thing to do is to just click the "Run" button and the installation will start. You will be walked through a series of steps to complete the installation. Sometimes at the end you will be asked to restart your computer. Do.

You can click "Cancel" if you change your mind and the little box will just go away and nothing else will happen.

If you click on the "Save" button a navigation box will open where you can choose a folder in your computer to store the installation file. I like to choose this option most of the time so that if I ever need to reinstall the program for any reason I can just double click on the installation file where I stored it and begin the reinstall without having to go online and try to find it there again. I created a folder in My Documents labeled "downloads" just for these installation files.

Double click on the "Downloads" folder to open it (or wherever you want to store the file) and then click "Save".

You'll see this while the file is downloading:

And this when it is completed:

Now you can click on the "Run" button to start the installation. If you ever do need to reinstall the program again from your stored installation file please do go to "options" or "preference" inside the program after it is installed and check for updates. Software developers are constantly improving their programs and if your installation file sat in your folder for very long, chances are now the program needs updating.

If this or any other instructions you receive in any of my newsletters is in any way unclear, confusing, or otherwise not consistant with your experience or needs PLEASE do let me know! Click here to email me.


As with software, I would never recommend any product I do not use and love, myself. I am proud to announce that the best skin care line, ever, has accepted me as an affiliate. The product line is called Paula's Choice and it is owned and run by Paula Begoun from Seattle, WA. She started out years ago as a product review writer and in the process learned so much about what makes a good product she finally decided to formulate her own. Her pet peeves are high prices and false or exaggerated claims. So it follows that her products are very affordable and what you see is what you get. She bases her formulas on hard science and publishes a great product review newsletter called Beautypedia, which can be found here. What's more, she actually recommends other companies' products if they are good, too.

What does it mean that I am an affiliate? It means that if you click on a link to her website from this newsletter or my website, Computer RX of Eastern Washington, and buy anything, I will receive a 15% commission, which is very cool, but honestly, even after spending way too much on really upscale products, I've ended up using Paula's Choice exclusively because it it truly the best I've ever tried. So check out her newsletter and website if you're interested (She has mens' products, too!) and get some samples to try before investing in full-sized products if you like. And don't forget to use the link from my newsletter (below or in the right sidebar) or website, please. ENJOY!

Well, that's about it for now. Again, please send me all your questions and I'll use them in the next issue. CLICK HERE to email me. And don't forget to visit my website here ---> Computer RX of Eastern Washington

Happy computing!
Leslie, The Un-Geek

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