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Virus Removal ~ $30

Like it or not, security issues are a part of owning a computer. It is of the utmost importance that you have a good, reliable, up-to-date virus program to protect your computer from malicious code that can install itself on your hard drive and destroy your data or worse, your machine.

I recommend and use Avast Home Edition, the best little virus program out there for home users, and best of all IT'S FREE!! I will install and configure the program for you, run an initial, thorough scan to ensure your system is clean, and remove any viruses that may be hiding there. Then Avast will remain on your computer to continue to protect you. It is a self-updating, maintenance free program, so you'll be confident your computer is safe 24/7.

If you have another virus program you prefer I'll be happy to help you install and configure it instead.

Note: NEVER run more than one virus program on your computer at the same time. This could crash your computer.


Price of software not included.